Beat Rice

Cruckly crunchy chocolate!
This is a personal project I came up with to brand myself as a designer. My name is Beatrice that’s where the name Beat Rice comes from, the brand name indicates that all products are based on the same ingredient: rice. The first Beat Rice product truly represent myself, chocolate with rice tablets, named Crackly Crunchy Chocolate. It comes in different flavours (dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate everything with rice). I chose a recycled paper in order to transmit the authenticity of the product and its handmade production.
On the back of the packaging the standard text has been replaced with some creative text that reflects the essence of Beat Rice. You can also find smaller samples of the chocolate that you can have at tea time or give them as a present. They follow the same style as the tablets and the same flavours with the two letters of the brand “B” and “R”. Crackly Crunchy Chocolate is just the first product that Beat Rice launches, it will be launching new products soon such as rice fermented beer so keep an eye on it!

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