Beatrice Menis Design



Step 1


In order to kick off a project we will send you a short
brief questionnaire for you to fill in with information
on your brand, your market and your competitors.

It will help us truly understand your vision for the
brand and what it is that you want to communicate.

Then through research and brand analysis we will come
up with multiple concepts supported by moodboards
that will represent the look & feel of each proposal.


Step 2


With the information provided and the research
gathered we are ready to start creating!

We will begin sketching within the creative concepts
we have brainstormed about all while keeping the
project vision in mind.

Whether it’s branding, packaging, or any other service
we provide we will work together throughout the
whole process until we’re satisfied with the end result.


Step 3


Once the project is finalised, you will receive all of the files
and tools needed to successfully launch your brand or
productinto the market!

We are available to give any needed consultancy regarding
printing processes, suppliers, other creatives, etc. to make
sure that the brand or product consistency carries on.

Even after the project is finalised we will will be available
for any additional support or consultancy!