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Svenska LantChips


Svenska LantChips

Organic chips
from Sweden!



The project consisted of re-designing the classic and traditional Svenska LantChips bags. The goal was to merge the current Svenska LantChips Swedish design, available in Sweden, with the Svenska LantChips Organic design, available only outside of Sweden. The challenge was to have a facelift without losing
the Svenska LantChips iconic design in order to not loose consumer recognition
in the market.

This is the reason why we have played around with the existing elements of the previous design, such as the colour band to distinguish the flavours and the illustration of the potato plant (originally placed in the centre frame in both the Svenska LantChips Organic and the Svenska LantChips traditional Swedish bags).
The current flavours for the Svenska LantChips Organic bags are: Salted, Rosemary, Chili, Sourcream & Paprika.